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Sustainers Club


A little every month equals a lot of support for the work you love.

Maximize your financial commitment to PlayMakers and help ensure the longevity of our programming by joining the new Sustainers Club – an automatic monthly giving program.  It’s easy and convenient, choose any level that’s right for you. For example, for just $8.33 per month you’ll become a $100 donor; $41.66 per month makes you a $500 donor; and $83.33 per month gives you benefits at the $1,000 level.

Why become a PlayMakers Sustainer?

  • Sustainers Club members are among the first to hear the new season announcement at our exclusive Sneak-Peek Cocktail Party.
  • Sustainers provide on-going, reliable sources of funding for PlayMakers.
  • Being a Sustainer is a great way to go green. Contributing automatically each month saves paper and resources.
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the work we do on stage and throughout our community is all made possible by your support. This includes serving thousands of youth through award-winning educational programs; providing outreach events in libraries, bookstores, and community centers that promote dialogue and the exchange of ideas; eliminating barriers to PlayMakers by providing affordable tickets and All Access programs for patrons with disabilities; and every aspect of producing nationally-acclaimed theatre, from sets and costumes, to guests artists, and everything in between.

If you would like to join the Sustainers Club or need more information, contact Kathryn Shefter at kshefter@email.unc.edu or 919.962.2481.