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Donor Spotlight

Edwin and Harriet Poston

Edwin and Harriet Poston met at a Christmas party in their home state of South Carolina. The fact that they had both attended UNC - “the other Carolina” - was enough to inspire that first meeting, and thus began a charmed adventure. With Harriet’s Masters in International Business in hand and a position with a French website, and an investment position for Edwin with Brandywine Trust, the young couple headed to New York in 2000. They quickly fell in love with the arts and culture, the fascinating people and the career opportunities.  

As the couple had their first child, Harriet changed her professional focus, acquiring a Masters in Social Work from New York University, and Edwin became one of two Managing Directors at the Rockefeller Foundation.  In 2008, after a few conversations with Edwin’s Chapel Hill college buddy, they found themselves easily persuaded that Chapel Hill was a town that could hold both their growing family and their interest in arts and business.  

Edwin became co-founder of TrueBridge Capital and the family returned to the South. They have embraced their life in this community, giving as much as they have received. Amidst the demands of his professional work and the blissful domestic chaos of three young children, both make the time to serve meaningfully on area boards: Edwin on UNC’s Arts and Sciences Foundation and Harriet on PlayMakers Advisory Council.

For their intelligence and integrity, their elegantly relaxed style, and their instincts to be good stewards of the causes they find important, we in Chapel Hill thank “the other Carolina” for that fateful Christmas day.

All of us at PlayMakers Repertory Company, thank Edwin and Harriet Poston for their support of this theatre company.


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