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Donor Spotlight

Florence and Jim Peacock

Florence and Jim Peacock have been married for 53 years. If that isn’t cause enough for celebration, they are also blessed with artistic and academic accomplishments. After getting her Masters in Music from Yale, Florence happily gave up a chance to be on Broadway in order to accompany her husband to Indonesia where Jim did field work for his Ph.D in Anthropology from Harvard. Jim says Florence was thanked for her choice by being bitten by a rabid dog and enduring an exploding volcano. Florence says it was one of the happiest adventures of her life.

Florence, a soprano, is a critically-acclaimed international soloist in oratorio, recitals and baroque opera. She has been featured on National Public Radio and regularly performs in Chapel Hill and at Oberlin College. Jim established the Department of Anthropology at Princeton and as a Kenan Professor at UNC co-founded the field of Symbolic Anthropology. Recently retired from Carolina, Jim served as the Chair of Faculty and Director of the Center for International Studies, and still serves as a board member for the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center. The Peacocks frequently host students from both schools at warm and welcoming gatherings in their historic home in downtown Chapel Hill.

Florence and Jim have three children and five grandchildren. Long-term subscribers and donors at PlayMakers, the theatre is grateful to count this rare and wonderful couple among its good friends.