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Age Recommendations


Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
This outrageous comedy contains some sexual humor and adult language that makes it most appropriate for patrons 14 years and older.
Into the Woods
Mature elementary school students and up who are ready for a darker view of the nature of our fables and legends will thoroughly enjoy this classic of American musical theatre.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This magical comedy explores a fantastical world of fairies and lovers as they venture into the woods.  Midsummer contains mature sexual content and we recommend this play for patrons ages 13 and older.

Trouble in Mind
Dealing with race and the darker side of American Culture, this play will be best appreciated by patrons ages 14 and older.
An Enemy of the People
A classic story told through the lens of one of America’s legendary playwrights, it’s political themes are best suited to patrons ages 12 and older.
4000 Miles
While this intergenerational story of family does not contain serious adult content, some adult language as well as themes of love, loss and reconciliation will be most appreciated by patrons ages 16 and older.


Rodney King
Given the difficult and violent subject matter and some adult language in this piece, we recommend Rodney King for patrons 16 years and older. 
Wrestling Jerusalem
The play’s dynamic storytelling and controversial subject matter is best suited to patrons ages 14 and older.
Mary’s Wedding
This play dealing with a young couple in love during the first World War will be best suited to patrons ages 10 and older.