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Age Recommendations


The Mountaintop
Taking place on the night before Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, The Mountaintop includes adult and sexualized language and some violent imagery that may not be suitable for young audiences. We recommend this play for patrons ages 16 and older.

The Tempest
Shakespeare’s tale of shipwrecks and magic is appropriate for all ages, however, due to its classical language and because one actor appears nearly nude, we recommend the play to patrons ages 14 and older.

This play offers beautiful theatrical moments set around and in a pool of water. Based on Ovid’s classic myths, and containing mild adult language, we recommend Metamorphoses to patrons ages 13 and older. Actors appear nearly nude during portions of the show and there are moments of stylized sexual staging.

Private Lives
This sophisticated British comedy, with its razor sharp wit and quick barbs, will most likely be appreciated by patrons ages 14 and older. The play contains alcohol use, cigarettes and some mature themes.

Love Alone
Due to the challenging subject matter in this play, we recommend Love Alone to patrons ages 14 and older. The play contains some adult language, cigarette smoking and mature themes.

Assassins takes on a very challenging topic – the murder of American presidents – and contains graphic sexual language, gun violence and drug use. We recommend this play to patrons ages 16 and older.


Surviving Twin
This play contains some salty language in its reminiscence of fathers and sons. Some of the themes may be most appropriate for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

Hold These Truths
This one-man play, the story of a survivor of the Japanese internment camps during WWII, is a truly powerful memoir and testament to the human condition. We recommend this play to patrons ages 12 and older.

The Story of the Gun
This play contains adult language and mature themes that may not be suitable for younger audience members. We recommend this production for patrons ages 14 and older.