Professional and non-professional auditions for PlayMakers’ production of Count by Lynden Harris and directed by Kathryn Hunter-Williams. Count is the first production in PlayMakers’ PRC2 season.

Who: Equity and non-equity male actors
What: Paid contracts
Where: Center for Dramatic Art, UNC-Chapel Hill, Room 101
When: Friday, June 16, 3:00pm-8:00pm
How: Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue

First rehearsal: August 1, 2017
Opening: August 23, 2017
Closing: August 27, 2017

Housing available for actors outside the Triangle area.

Contact to schedule an audition.


Over the course of a single day on death row, six men unpack their personal inheritances of violence, racism, mental illness, poverty, and surprising love. Based on years of conversation and writing with men sentenced to death, COUNT invites us into a stark florescent otherworld where the condemned struggle to revision what it means to live fully in the face of scheduled death. As we listen to the men grapple with the realities of innocence, justice, and compassion, we begin to wonder who is disposable, who counts, and what justice means when the scales are broken and the blindfold is our own.


Richmond: 40s. Biracial. B/W. Muslim. Grew up in the projects in Richmond. Family history of drugs and incarceration. Mother abandoned him at birth but later reclaimed and raised him. A large man, Richmond spends time working out and playing basketball.

Brownsville: 40s. African American. Not religious. Grew up in urban settings in Brooklyn, NYC. Family history of drugs, incarceration, violence, child abuse. Fit, edgy, smart, intense. Brownsville spends time studying chess moves.

Whitehouse: Late 20s. Tri-racial, First Peoples. Grew up in rural and small town trailer parks. Father locked up for killing a cop. Loves to sing country music and rap. Spends time studying about Native practices. Whitehouse spends time unraveling socks for the thread to make dreamcatchers.

Long Beach: Late 50s-60s. African American. Buddhist. Grew up from east to west coast—NY, Illinois, California. Trim, neat, self-educated, introvert. Had son at 13. Now has a granddaughter. Long Beach spends time listening to NPR and reading, but his eyesight is failing.

Kansas City: 30. Biracial. Latino/Black. Grew up in the projects in the Midwest. He is small, sweet, artistic. Has a 13-year-old son. Kansas City spends his time drawing.